Summary9 Tonne Excavator Volvo 9T (Spec)9 Tonne Excavator Volvo 9T (PDF)
The Volvo ECR88D 9T is a heavy duty 9-Tonne Excavator for muck shifting and general site work.

9 tonne excavator hire

9 tonne excavator hire

9 tonne excavator hire

9 tonne excavator hire

Volvo’s ECR88D compact short swing radius excavator. Featuring a powerful Volvo engine and perfectly matched hydraulic system, this machine delivers high performance, excellent control and low fuel consumption.

9 Tonne Excavator Volvo 9T – Volvo engine ECR 88d

Volvo’s premium Tier 4f / Stage IIIB engine delivers superior performance and low fuel consumption. The engine features an Exhaust After Treatment System (EATS) to lower emissions and a regeneration process that does not interrupt operation, performance or productivity.

Slew and boom offset

Slew and boom offset movements are controlled simultaneously for easy and fast positioning of the machine. Joystick control enables precise, smooth and effortless command of the slew and boom offset.

Tractive force

High system pressure delivers impressive tractive force when climbing gradients or traveling over rough terrain. For improved performance, the ECR88D boasts a 16% improvement in tractive force compared to the previous model.

Enhanced Hydraulics

Volvo’s state-of-the-art hydraulic system is perfectly matched to the Volvo engine and components – delivering high performance and improved fuel efficiency. The hydraulic system has been designed for fast response and smooth operation.

Stability you can count on

Whether you’re working in the road construction, utilities, landscaping or any other application, the ECR88D will give you access to more jobsites, where you can work closer to obstacles, safely. With a heavy counterweight and strong undercarriage, this machine delivers superior stability. And with easy service access you’ll enjoy maintenance made easy with Volvo.

Service access

For safe and easy access, all service check points are located under the wide-opening engine hood and are accessed from ground level. Grouped filters ensure regular maintenance is straightforward and uptime is maximized.

Single pivot pin

Volvo uses a single pivot design that achieves maximum support between main frame and front equipment, This concept increases, stability, durability and lifetime of the components.


For increased uptime, Volvo’s high-tech, computer-based MATRIS tool allows you to monitor machine usage and analyze machine operation. VCADS Pro analysis and programming software provides fast diagnostics.

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